Our Bloodhound pocket knife with its grand handle and stately blade will sit proudly in your pocket obediently waiting for your command.


Inspired by the world class sportfishing boat that delivers performance, strength and durability. This edgy wharncliff blade is ready for any adventure.


Sought after for their meaty hind legs. Fried or grilled, frog legs are a favorite with southern and gulf states. In pursuit of the famous delicacy?


Crashing into the mainstream is our PIPELINE pocket knife.  A knife inspired by the surfers who are brave enough to chase the ultimate ride.


Fully capable for your next ground to ground urban mission.


A gooseneck trailer gets its name from its hitch that is highlighted by a long, arched “neck” section.Hauling lumber or livestock?  Make sure our GOOSENECK pocket knife is along for the ride.


Introduced in 1564 during the reign of Mary Queen of Scotland.  The maiden replaced the sword as a means of execution and predates the guillotine used during the French Revolution.

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