The Hellfire is a 100-pound laser guided anti armor missile with precise striking power.  Used by the armed forces of the United States it is capable of destroying any tank, bunker or high value target in the world today.

Here is our HELLFIRE pocket knife, fully capable for your next ground to ground urban mission.


We call our white bone scales "Voodoo", they are made from real ox bone and the texture is hand jigged. The scales are precisely fit and finished to the knife. The Hellfire is a 7in knife with a 3in blade. The blade is made from 154CM and is finished with satin "brushed" and stonewashed contrasting textures.

Total production for this version: 150 knives


The Sabotage version of the Hellfire has carbon fiber scales and a "blackwash" finish to the steel. This involves a black coating that is then stonewashed to bring back the steel highlights. The Hellfire knives use an integrated liner bolster for the lockup and ride on ballbearings for fast flipping action.

Total production for this version: 150 knives


Inferno scales are made from gold glitter resin. Each knife will have a different look with variations in every scale. The Hellfire knives also have the sapphire Finch logo embedded into the scales.

Total production for this version: 150 knives

Hellfire - Sabotage
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    Hellfire - Inferno
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