C. Risner Cutlery

Clarence Risner was the founder of C. Risner Cutlery in 1974. Austin Jackson, Clarence`s grandson, is now the owner after Clarence's passing in June 2016. C. Risner Cutlery sells many traditional cutlery brands.

We want to provide the best experience for those who enjoy discovering new knives, view knives from the past, or are interested in purchasing a knife or two to begin their first set!​


DLT Trading

DLT Trading was started in the late 90s as a purveyor of high quality and hard-to-find knife brands delivered to customers around the world by utilizing ecommerce. Then near the forefront of this sales channel, we have experienced exponential growth as we have grown organically as well as through acquisitions, such as our purchase of Oregon Knife Shop and its internet sales business. With this acquisition, we have positioned ourselves among the worldwide leaders in custom engraved knives for both the retail and corporate market segments.


River's Edge Cutlery

Founded in 2003, River’s Edge strives to bring you the latest products the industry has to offer. Growing up, my brother and I always had a passion for knives. We thought it would be fun to create a place where knife enthusiasts and collectors would be able to learn about, handle and compare a selection of quality knives before purchasing. Our professional staff brings that same passion to knives, every day carry (EDC) items, cutlery and outdoor gear. That translates in to a wealth of product knowledge. If we sell it, we’ve likely used it! We pride ourselves on first class customer service and welcome the chance to talk to you.


Blade HQ

Blade HQ is a full time Internet cutlery business with a brick and mortar store. "HQ" stands for "headquarters" but over time was simply shortened to "HQ." Blade HQ has become a premier online destination for cutlery and gear. We specialize in high-end LEO, military and collectible folding knives (folding, fixed, custom, assisted, automatic, butterfly- you name it!). Our goal is to have the most incredible selection of "in stock" knives available anywhere while providing outstanding customer service and pricing.


White Mountain Knives

White Mountain Knives has been selling knives in the United States and Internationally since 2005. It is our goal to bring you low prices and excellent customer service. Our products include every day use knives, hunting knives, collectible knives, kitchen knives, and tactical knives, camping/tactical gear & flashlights.

We have access to brands and items that are not listed on our website, please feel free to contact us to inquire about an item you don't see. We look forward to you becoming a life long customer.


Coutellerie Tourangelle

Our First dealer in Europe, Coutellerie Tourangelle is located in France. If you are in the EU, head over to their website to see what is available.


Atlantic Knife

Atlantic Knife has been in the industry for 5 years to date, and is currently located in Virginia. We do our best to maintain accurate inventory so you, the customer, can know if and when the products you want are in and ready for you. We also pride ourselves on keeping up with any new additions to the knife & outdoor gear world, and are quick to update our website to supply you with any information about them.


Grayman Industries

Founded in 2020, Grayman Industries is a shop offering high quality knives and gear to our customers. While we strive to offer the best gear available, our main goal is to always ensure our customers are satisfied with both their purchases and our service. In short, customer service is our top priority.w.


Gear Supply Co.

Here at Gear Supply Company, our mission is simple – we strive each and everyday to bring high-quality items to the market for our customers. Throughout our time in business, we’ve seen first-hand just how large the EDC community is, and we only expect to grow from here. And every step of the way, it remains our focused goal to play a major role in bringing our customers the everyday carry items and everyday carry essentials that they depend on. With a wide selection available, we know that we have the right item for everyone.


Astor + Banks

Astor and Banks is an independent watch company that was started simply because I wanted to do something I absolutely loved. A watch guy since my dad first showed me his Timex Indiglo and since I first purchased my own watch while stationed in Germany during my military service. We offer precise timepieces using mechanical and Swiss quartz movements. All watches are assembled here in Chicago by us.


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