About Finch Knife Co.

Growing up, we’ve always had a passion for the outdoors - fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and collecting vintage sporting gear. Those carefree days of our youth may be gone, but they’re certainly not forgotten.

Based on our deep affection for the past, we’ve given the modern pocket knife - “The Flipper” – an essential makeover.  We’ve turned those vintage memories into a handsome and handy knife you can carry every day.

Because our busy lives keep us from exploring all the great adventures this world has to offer, Finch Knife Co wants you to carry a knife that re-connects you to all the adventures, all the confidence, all the unbridled enthusiasm you had growing up. 

This adventure is just beginning - where it takes us no one knows - that’s what makes it so special.

The Marquardt Family

Spencer & Mel

Yellowstone National Park
Fall of 2019

Carson & Rylie

Lobster Season
Florida Keys

Spencer & Casey

Cliff Jumping
Grand Teton National Park

Josie & Jackson

On Patrol
For birds and a flock of sheep