The flintlock refers to a single-shot muzzle loading firearm that used flint to create a spark that ignited gunpowder to propel a lead ball.  The flintlock played a significant role during the 17th and 18th centuries, the Golden Age of Piracy.  It became a symbol of danger and adventure associated with pirates like Blackbeard and Calico Jack. 


The Flint features a 3 inch blade made from 154CM and has an overall length of 7.2 inches. The Coppertone scales are made from a blend of shredded carbon fiber and copper, making each knife different with a unique pattern.

Ghost Green

What we call "Ghost Green" is translucent G10, or the natural color of G10 if no dye is added during the manufacturing process. Natural G10 is a pleasing jade color that looks and works great for knife scales.

Flint - Coppertone
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    Flint - Ghost Green
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      Flint - Lava Flow - Kirinite
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        Flint - True Blood - Kirinite
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          Flint - Caribbean Blue Jigged Bone
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            Flint - Ironwood
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