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10 out of 10! Love this knife. Everything about it is perfect. Very high quality.

Finch Holliday - Oustanding

I have three Finch Knifes now and the Holliday is the one I reach for all of the time. The finish is excellent and just really like it. Thanks Finch Knife Co for making such outstanding knives.

I have 2 Finch Hollidays

Second Finch Holliday. What can I say I needed “1 for each of you” Amazing Knife, Company, and People. If you’re looking for a traditional pocket knife with updated action look no further. I cannot wait to see additional releases. A PERFECT EDC!!!


I'm not what you would call a knife enthusiast. I needed a small pocket knife with a clip. My taste leans toward classic so I gave the 1929 a try. I love it. Great materials, awesome pocket clip and intriguing blade shape. The fit and finish is super high quality and the flipper motion is spot on smooth.

Like a Dream

The fit and finish on this knife is superb. The action feels like it's been hand-tuned. A company could offer this knife in a supersteel like Vanax and ask $500 and no one would question it.

Inspiration to Exectution - the Holliday is magnificant!

The Ox bone Holliday is the only knife of 2020 that made me stop and say "wow"! The Ox Bone Holliday absolutely looks like a knife "Doc" himself would have carried! Finch was well on the way to being my "Best new knife company of 2020" and the Holliday just slammed the door on the competition!! The Holliday is a must have in any collection!

Great knife.

So far I own three Finch knives and I really like all three. Great knife company.

Finch Holliday Black Linen Micarta

Pictures on the web nice, actually better once in hand. Quality control excellent, fit and finish excellent, action smooth and effortless, price competitive, finch 1929 next on my list.

Quite a handsome unit, Wharncliffe rules, and seems to hold an edge well

The wharncliffe blade shape has long been my favorite, and Finch has done a fine job with this piece. Beautifully made, solid, and opens quickly, locks up solidly. Looking forward to more designs from Finch. Did I mention that its handsome?

Impressive quality and a great gift

I was so impressed with my first Finch that I bought this one as a gift for my teenage daughter. She absolutely loves it.

Compact and great for EDC

High quality and very functional utility knife that would be a welcome addition to any collection.

great knife

An awesome knife. Beautifully made, and sharp as heck.


Actually this is my first Finch knife and I am really impressed - and not surprised that Finch has so many fans amongst my watch collecting friends! Great / Amazing quality!

Wicked Flipper

What an awesome knife the Holliday is, a smooth flipper. The Ox bone was a great choice of material!

Not a "Dandy"

Received my Holiday on Dec 29th.  Could not be happier.  This fidgety knife has bumped out cell phone as a "Time killer".  I had known for some time that I planned to step up my knife game this holiday season.  And had been trying to dial in a reasonable knife budget.  

The thing about knife budgets is you are only limited by yourself.  I had decided when it comes to a budget, overspending just did not make sense. While I am not trying to impress anyone other than me.  I suspect my friends that I would share the knife with to be more impressed with the thoughtfulness of the knife than any gesture trying to establish how much I can overspend.  The Holiday really (In my opinion) lands at the precipice of a high-end budget knife / med premium knife cost-wise. 
While the knife seems to be priced at "In-between" land.  The style, design, and function seem to punch clearly above its pay grade.  There is a respectful tip of the hat, a nod aimed at historically classic knives of the past.   Mission accomplished.  If I had to place this knife in a category,,,,, I would call it a Business mans, executive knife for men who Work.  Not created to pick olives out of martini's and not designed to make one appear a "Dandy".  But the kind of knife you pass along to your son who will pass it along to your grandson.

I really like this knife.

Even better than the first one

I really liked the 1929 and was so excited to receive that knife. Enjoying it immensely. The Holliday exceeded the 1929 in blade shape, how it fit in my hand and balance. Great knife.

Holliday is just ?

I liked my 1929 better but I lost it. So I bought the Holliday and I haven’t broken it in enough. It is just a little bit too big for my hand. It is still a excellent knife. I hope to try and find someone to trade for a 1929....maybe someday! Keep up the good work at Finch Company and Happy New Year everyone!

The Excellent Holiday Knife/

The quality, fit, finish, price and "smooth as glass" flipping action make the Holiday a perfect fit for anyone's collection. Purchase one and You won't be disappointed!!!

Great knife

Great knife right out the box, beautifully crafted, and great quality !

Great knife

This is a great looking knife. I love the wharncliffe blade and the snakewood handles are very nice. Opens with the flipper like a dream and fit & finish is top notch.

Classy carry!

Feels good in hand, blade opens easily and workmanship is spot on. Particularly like that the lockbar is easy to access and manipulate. Look forward to more handle variations.

Another Excellent Model

I'm loving the Holliday. I already have the Runtly and 1929 and am looking forward to the release of the Cherry Bomb and Drifter. I've been impressed by Finch Knife Co. and am sure I will continue to be. As a fellow Kansan, I'm glad to support this company and its knives.

What a beauity

This is my second purchase of a Finch Knife and it is a beauity just like the Model 1929 I own. The wharncliffe blade gives the Holliday a distinct look and it has perfect balance. The snakewood is beauitiful, what a great everyday knife. Top quality just like you would expect from Finch.

Finch Holliday

Just got the package in today, another winner from Finch. I also have the Model 1929, I love that one for a small everyday carry. When I saw this model with the bone handle it was an easy decision. Flips great, very smooth, sharp out of the box. Very clean looking, will go into my daily rotation when I’m feeling a bit fancy.

Only downside which isn’t much is not having an option for left handed carry clips. Obviously knew that before purchase and still went ahead with it because I very much like Finch’s products otherwise.

Instant Classic

Saw the Holliday months ago and knew I wanted one. My experience with the Finch companies excellent service and quality products made the purchase a no brainer. Today the Holliday is one of my favorite edc’s.

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