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Buffalo Tooth - Cocobolo
J.H. (Big Spring, Texas)

It’s smooth and beautiful. My husband loves it!

Devil's Finger - Sequoia
C.V. (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Great First Knife

Amazing look, feel, and function for the price. Great deal!

Reciprocity - Shredded CF
R.S. (Seattle, Washington)
Chaotic CF Splendor!

What a slick looking knife! A high-tech piece of bladed artwork in a compact traditional package. Utilizing premium materials, superior design features and top of the line manufacturing techniques, this knife is second to none in the mid-size knife range! About the Band-Aid, hang on to it, you just might need it! The stonewash/satin finish blade is krazee sharp right out of the box! Snaps right open and securely locks up ready for action! Near “full-shifty” closing, very smooth action! A bit more fidgeting and it will be good to go! Of course let’s not forget about the Finch signature glow in the dark handle scale logo! Very kool! A knife of this caliber would usually be in the $200+ range making this a total bargain! Love it! On to the next Finch! Ha!

Halo - Military Blue
j.h. (Aptos, California)

Great everyday knife.

Chernobyl Ant - Parquet (Brown Micarta)
K.C. (Hoffman, New Jersey)
Chernobyl Ant knife

I really can’t give a “fair” review because I haven’t used it. A work friend had one and I thought it was really nice. He loves his. I do like how easy it is to open. But basically I just like to keep one with me.

Halo - Red Head
J.R. (Queens, New York)
Change Up

This knife is a design that I haven't seen from Finch before. I've never seen them use a black coated blade before. Different shape for them also. It's nice to see them expanding their range. Same great quality that you always get from Finch right out of the box. Highly recommended.

RUNTLY - Green Pumpkin
P.B. (Dallas, Texas)
Great Knife But Could've Used Better Steel For The Price

My favorite knife in my collection

Cimarron - Gray & Yellow
Justin P.H. (Victor, Idaho)
Cimarron for the win.

Great knife. Great company. Smooth action. Received quickly.

Buffalo Tooth - Cocobolo
A.F.I. (Chicago, Illinois)
A well done little big knife.

This has quickly become one of my favorite little knives. I typically carry a much larger blade but I’ve enjoyed carrying this as a secondary blade. It’s slim in the pocket (I carry it in back right pocket of jeans) and comes out cleanly. Great flipper tab and blade fires strongly for such a little knife. With just a little stropping it’s sharp and holds an edge really well. The wood gives it a classy look and the dual nail nicks are a thoughtful nod to an iconic pocket knife. Well done.

MODEL 1929 - Voodoo
J.F.B. (East Lansing, Michigan)
A Greenhorn Speaks

Greetings, FinchFolks — First off, thank you kindly for including that Band-Aid. ( Very considerate AND chuckle-inducing to boot ! ) Though a certified old geezer, I must admit I am but a knife novice. My approach to pocketknives is more “artful aesthetic“ than “practical application“. No doubt about it, my 1929 Voodoo — a seamless melding of old and new — artfully puts its hoodoo on me ! All the best, JohnB

Buffalo Tooth - Jigged Titanium
E.J. (Mukilteo, Washington)
Great unique knife

Great EDC knife. looks like great quality
Blade super sharp.

Devil's Finger - Canyon
M.I. (Homestead, Florida)

Beautiful piece. Cute that it comes with a band-aid. Bought it for my husband’s birthday

Buffalo Tooth - Cocobolo
C.T. (Dallas, Texas)

Loved the workmanship, smooth action and overall craftsmanship of the knife

Buffalo Tooth - Cocobolo
H.S. (San Jose, California)

Nice to find a sunfish knife that has the added convenience of being a flipper. Doesn’t flip quite as fast as the 1929 but that’s to be expected since the blade is heavier. Comes wicked sharp so don’t cut yourself!

Buffalo Tooth - Jigged Titanium
J.C. (Lawrenceville, Georgia)
Is it worth $200 ?

The knife is great and it's a conversation starter. Fit and finish A+, Is it worth $200 I don't know ? Its not really a knife I would see myself actually using or carrying as an EDC.
I really like the other 6 finch models I have and I like the direction the company is taking knives . My kids are grown and I have a decent amount of disposable income now so I buy shiny stuff I like even at $200, so I'll continue by Finch knives until they become the same as everyone else .

Chernobyl Ant - Glow Resin
Pete C. (Sydney, New South Wales)
Great EDC

My first Finch blade and by no means my last. Seriously impressed with the fit, finish and comfort in hand. Can't wait to add more Finch knives to my collection.

Buffalo Tooth - Jigged Titanium
a.s. (Lake Elsinore, California)
Fidgety fatty

I love to mess wit my knives after a day at work. Kick back on the patio and flip the Finch around. I have all four, because the box says to “ collect them all”… so I did-love the Finch

Buffalo Tooth - Jigged Titanium
J.B. (Middletown, Ohio)
Excellent Knife

Love the knife excellent fit and finish it a no brainer for the price. Happy to add it to my collection and rotate it in my every day carry.

MODEL 1929 - Coppertone
A.B. (Hobart, Tasmania)
Excellent EDC

Old school class, meets new materials etc. Extremely well made knife, lots of good little details. I am enjoying this as a neat little EDC blade. Decided on the Coppertone, beautiful!

Buffalo Tooth - Cocobolo
H.S. (Allentown, Pennsylvania)


Buffalo Tooth - Cocobolo
R.T. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Must Buy Finch! Don’t Be Intimidated By Size!

I almost passed on picking up this knife due to the width and perceived size. This knife seems WAY bigger in pics and videos than in the flesh. It is really an awesome knife and feels great in the hand - and boy, is it a slicer! The cocobolo wood inserts are amazing, the titanium helps keep the weight down, the build quality is fantastic, and that that blade is simply awesome. It even fits in the Finch travel pouch if that helps keep the size in perspective. With this purchase I now have one version of each of the Finch models in the Classic lineup, and I love them all, but the Buffalo Tooth may be my new favorite - so happy I chose the cocobolo wood version too. If you’re on the fence, take that leap of faith and make the purchase - you just may be picking up your new favorite knife.

Buffalo Tooth - Mother of Pearl
K.P. (The Hague, South Holland)
Buffalo Tooth Mother of Pearl pocket knife.

Absolutely beautiful knife! I’m no knife expert but for me it feels in the hand precision made good quality. And with the unusual broadness and weight of the blade it’s a pleasure to use, whether that be for cutting things such as cardboard packaging, or at the bbq prepping food etc. And I know I’ll sound like geek now, but the knife is just beautiful to look at in daylight due to the iridescent colours of the mother of pearl inlays. Really happy with my purchase! And thanks to all at Finch for great service.

MODEL 1929 - Olivewood
S. (Santa Barbara, California)
Nice looking knife.

This is a nice looking knife, with good action and build.

Buffalo Tooth - Mother of Pearl
P.C. (Eugene, Oregon)
Buffalo Tooth👍

Just received my Buffalo Tooth! Great fit & finish & flips like a charm. Great work team Finch:)

Knife review.

Good lord!!! Thing of beauty!!! Best knife ive ever picked up

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