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Shiv - Mkuruti
B. (Silverdale, Washington)
Solid Little Knife

Another great knife from Finch! Love the wharncliffe blade!

Shiv - Mkuruti
K.S. (Glenmont, New York)

Perfect knife, perfect size. Steel holds its edge. Very nice Wharncliffe blade.

Shiv - Mkuruti
K.G. (Mukwonago, Wisconsin)
Great knife!

Typical Finch flipping action: Very smooth and solid. Love the Mkuruti handles—simply beautiful! No negatives for me with this knife.

Shiv - Mkuruti
d. (Dallas, Texas)
Great fit and finish

I fought with myself on which model of Shiv to pick. The satin and Mkuruti just ended up on top of the list. This knife has fantastic action, it drops shut and is a fidget monster.

Great price on flipper

Well made knife at great price. I have examined yhe wood and badge, but i have been unable to see significant defects or cosmetic damage. Great size for EDC.

Shiv - Ghost Green - Satin Blade
B. (Silverdale, Washington)
Super Small Knife

My Shiv came razor sharp! Great action. A very well made knife!

Chernobyl Ant - Ironwood - Factory Seconds
R. (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
Great Flipping Sodbuster Style Linerlock

I am so lucky to get one of these factory seconds with very little damage. There was one scratch on the show side of the knife near the shield. I will do worse damage the first time I drop the knife. And now I won't feel bad when I do! The knife functions normally and hasn't left my pocket since it arrived. Love it.

Very good quality and silky smooth operation

The knife is built very well and is my perfect EDC size in the blade and overall shape.

Buffalo Tooth - Cocobolo
E. (Shushan, New York)
Fantastic knife

I own about twenty or so pocket knives that run the gamut from Rough Ryders to GECs. Since I got this Finch a month ago, I haven’t used anything else. It’s hard to put into words but this knife is just so perfectly executed that I don’t feel any inclination to put it down. It’s really like nothing else out there. Sort of a modernized Sunfish or Elephant Toe pattern. Absolutely beautiful.

Shiv - Shadow Pirate
R.M. (Glendale, Arizona)
Perfect little EDC!

Everything about my experience with Finch is A+++. The knife is absolutely stellar and their customer service is just top notch. Love it!!!

Flint - Caribbean Blue Jigged Bone
C.H. (Santa Cruz, California)
Another winner

The flint is better than I could have hoped for. The blue bone handles are incredible. Finch knives always surprise me when I get them in hand. No matter how much I think I'm going to like them it's always better in person. The best part is Finch knives are unique. They don't look or feel like anything else.

Halo - Red Head
v.l.p. (Massapequa, New York)
nice knife

it is a great knife, feels great, works great!

Flint - Ironwood
D.F. (Denver, Colorado)

Excellent knife. Good action, very sharp, and durable. Great feel in the hand, as well.

Shiv - Ghost Dragon
L. (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Shiv dragon

Very nice, fits in hand nice and looks great and the dragon is very cool, the detent is a little soft compared to my other finchs this is my 18 model I've only missed one

Flint - Caribbean Blue Jigged Bone
K.K. (Omaha, Nebraska)
Flint Caribbean Blue

This knife is now my go to. The action is sublime and the quality of materials is top notch. This is my first Finch but it won’t be the last.

Shiv - Jungle Tiger
M. (New York, New York)
I love this Finch Knife Co. model

It's almost too small, but it's not. The material for the scale is a really nice wood. It's very hard, and it's been finished nicely.

The blade steel for this knife is fine, and I like that this knife doesn't cost a fortune.

My sole criticism: I'd like it if the tiger weren't so close to the top edge of the blade.

Shiv - Ghost Dragon
W.B. (East Brady, Pennsylvania)
Good choice

I was going to pass on this knife, but seeing the Ghost Dragon I got it. Good choice. It’s a solid knife. Built for use. Good ergo’s on the handle for my large hands. The flat ground Wharncliffe blade is made for slicing. This is my 10th Finch and not the last!

Shiv - Ghost Dragon
H.S. (Manhattan Beach, California)
Nice version

The blade with the graphic works well.

Flint - Caribbean Blue Jigged Bone
J.G. (Houston, Texas)
Impeccable craftsmanship

A beautiful knife, exquisitely crafted, truly a collectors item.

Shiv - Ghost Dragon
J.B. (Silverdale, Washington)
A Little Flair Added

I think its awesome that Finch had a few of these knives laser engraved to add a little flair to these knives!

Shiv - Shadow Pirate
T.S. (Morgantown, West Virginia)
Outstanding knife.

Wow! What a great little knife. Love the look and action. Might have to get the other variations. Never disappointed with Finch Knives.

Shiv - Jungle Tiger
B.B. (Alameda, California)
Jungle Tiger

Love the limited edition Mkuruti wood Jungle Tiger. Great look and feel ,glad I was able to add it to my Wood Finch collection!

Shiv - Ghost Green - Black Blade
R.A. (Abilene, Texas)

Shiv - Ghost Green

Knife Roll
G.W. (Merritt Island, Florida)
Another great product from Finch.

The knife roll is made from quality material. Holds the knives very well. The roll also comes with a very nice carrying bag. This is a must have for any Finch collector

Devil's Finger - Sequoia
P.B. (Incline Village, Nevada)

Great knife

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